Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sort of old and very new: The Steal broke up in October, Guinea Kids are just out of high school

If there is something totally different about the way people find music, it's that you can find stuff that would never get into your local record store.

Like, for example, when a UK hardcore band in the vein of Kid Dynamite with a little CIV or something thrown in for good balance (I don't care if that makes no sense, it's what I heard when I was writing this), breaks up and figures it doesn't matter if people are paying for their music any more. Go download the full discography of The Steal. 

It's a shame I didn't find them until two weeks after they broke up. I've been denied my chance to bitch about them not touring Florida, but have been gifted some really great records.

Based on the last of the posts on their blog, the members of The Steal got distracted by life. While much of that life is interesting in its own right, this was a great band. They finished their run by playing shows with Paint It Black and Dillinger 4, which means they played to quality, appreciative crowds. Download their albums here. (Yes, I linked it twice. I'm that impressed with these guys.)

But wait, as one band bites the dust, another is made up of members that have been alive for less time than you've been reading this post. Enter: Guinea Kid.

To keep it short and simple, these are four not-really-kids from Indiana that absolutely tear apart the hardcore skatepunk thing. We're talking early-80s-style, Minor Threat-meets-The Circle Jerks or something like that. Fashionable Activism (who went with an Adolescents reference instead of mine, and is pretty dead-on with it) found the tape and uploaded both sides. 

So, listen to Side A below, and download the whole thing here. It's worth the extra clicks if this is your sound. They band's members are just out of high school, so hopefully they'll do a real tour and put out some more records. Hopefully. 

Otherwise, we'll wait and see if Guinea Kid is as generous as The Steal.

The Steal on MySpace
Guinea Kid on MySpace
Fashionable Activism is a great punk blog - read it.

Download now or listen on posterous
01 Side A.m4a (6305 KB)

World Wide World by The Steal  
Download now or listen on posterous
03 World Wide World.mp3 (2579 KB)

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