Monday, April 5, 2010

Solex vs Christina Martinez and Jon Spencer - The Uppercut

The Uppercut by Solex Vs. Christina Martinez & Jon Spencer  
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05 The Uppercut.mp3 (2847 KB)

Solex hit the scene in the late 90s cutting together a nice groove and a totally different sound. 

Jon Spencer made ear-piercingly addictive noise rock in the 80s, with the emphasis on noise, and then merged punk, blues and noise with the essential Blues Explosion in the 90s.

And Christina Martinez (AKA Mrs. Jon Spencer) brought her own flavor to that blues noise rock with grossly underrated and underheard Boss Hog.

The three have got together for an album, "Amsterdam Showdown, King Street Throwdown," that's got some hip hop, and some blues, and some soul to it. A record like this doesn't come along so often and "The Uppercut" was tough to pick from the album because I can't get the whole damn thing out of my head.

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