Saturday, June 5, 2010

Astronautalis & DJ Fishr Pryce - Do You Believe In Life After Thugs

Do You Believe In Life After Thugs by Astronautalis & Dj Fishr Pryce  
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01 Do You Believe In Life After Thugs.mp3 (8280 KB)

Who knew white-boy rappers could be so good for a Saturday night jam? Granted, Astronautilus isn't new to the game but that beat made me stand up a little straighter and then go into a schizophrenic funk walk that scared the shit out of the child I was holding.

This album has been sitting on my computer for a couple weeks and I just got around to listening to it. I apologize for the negligence. This is the first track on DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!!, and it makes me want to worship the rest of the mixtape, which you can grab for whatever you do or don't want to pay for it.  

I don't know shit about DJ Fishr Pryce, but you can jump headfirst into his world by clicking that link. Whatever he did to this mixtape, it worked out really well.

Now, it's the weekend, get off yer computer and go do something.

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