Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mooney Suzuki - "Do It"

Do It by The Mooney Suzuki  
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I love the sound of rock and roll in the morning. Thankfully, the best thing to come from watching six hours of election coverage last night is that I saw a commercial from SAP. The commercial itself is, you know, a commercial. SAP means nothing to me. But that soundtrack. Oh, the soundtrack.

The Mooney Suzuki, at least until they signed a major label deal and seemingly calmed down, were an ass-kicking quartet from New York City. They were the American version of The Hives, but with better solos. The idea, as they put it, was to rock "the fuck" out.

If you need more - and believe me, you NEED more - download People Get Ready (which includes "Do It") or the world-beating Electric Sweat.

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