Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Foo Fighters - Walk

Walk by Foo Fighters Listen on Posterous

It's been a few years since the prospect of a new Foo Fighters album really got me moving. Not that all the TV specials and live performances don't deliver - they do, everything single time. It's just that the albums, basically everything since 2002's One By One, haven't had me freaking out. And I know that Dave Grohl has more than once said he hated the album but "All My Life," "One By One" and "Come Back" are among my favorite tracks ever by the Foos.

That said, there was no telling what would happen when Grohl got Butch Vig in the studio with him for the first time since recording the uber-classic Nirvana album Nevermind. That little fact has nothing to do with it though. What really made me sit up was the clip of "Bridge Burning," and then the video for "White Limo," with Lemmy driving and Pat Smear clearly being back in the band. "Rope" didn't hurt too much either. Actually, "Rope" ratcheted up the expectations even higher.

I've read and heard the sentiment more than once in the last week from people that have heard the album that it's not ground-breaking, mind-blowing or pushing anything toward the musical future. My question is this: When the fuck have the Foo Fighters ever done that? Really, that's never been their gig. Even that mind-blowing-at-the-time self-titled debut that came out of nowhere after being recorded entirely by Grohl himself. That album never gets old, but even that one wasn't any great leap for music, it was just really really good.

Dave Grohl is the best drummer alive, as he proved once again 2009 and early 2010 with Them Crooked Vultures. All I wanted this year was a solid, loud Foo Fighters album. After listening to it for the last five or six days, a lot, Wasting Light is the best album the Foos have put out in years. There's plenty of bitter, hopeful, angry, sometimes satisfied lyrics to go with the rock and roll. The songs are good, the drums are crashing, Bob Mould and Krist Novoselic are on it. "Walk" exemplifies all of that and represents it well. The truth is, this is a solid record. It might make me less of a critic but I'm satisfied.

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Buy Them Crooked Vultures from Shockhound. (For crap's sake, this thing will kick your ass. Why don't you have Led Foos of the Stone Age? SERIOUSLY??)

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