Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bear Hands look for strong indie rock grip in 2010

For all the relief that 2010 will bring people, the fact that there is at least one new band bringing together the sounds of indie for, well, a nice sound of indie, is even more reassuring.

Bear Hands, hailing from New York, bring in a little BOAT, some Cold War Kids and a touch of Modest Mouse and combine it with some rock and roll pomp to form a taught show of low-key frustration that already sounds like it could be one of next year's best new offerings. 

The band is streaming the tracks "What A Drag" (which you can also grab off the site for free) and "Can't Stick 'Em" on their Web site - both of which demand repeated plays. Their debut EP, What A Drag, is due out in February and a full length will drop at some point after that.

Posted via email from Stephen Feller

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