Monday, December 7, 2009

Operation Ivy - Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again by Operation Ivy  
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Does anybody still listen to Operation Ivy? It's one of the automatic albums I put back on my iPod any time I erase it. I should probably be over it by now, right?

Sometime in 8th grade, Steve Marsh put the Op Ivy album Energy on the other side of my tape that already had Bad Religion's Stranger Than Fiction on it. The album was five or six years old then, and is 20 years old now, yet everything about it is still fresh, and emotive, and appropriate for probably everyone's life.

Most of the lyrics to the variety of skate-punk and sped up ska on the album focus on thinking for oneself and resisting the pull of becoming just another asshole. 

There's very little chance of Op Ivy getting back together to play Energy around the country. I don't hear the classic rock station playing anything off this album either. So I'm taking it upon myself to get this back out there for those who never discovered it. Every song on this album is essential. Every. Single. Song. 

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