Monday, May 10, 2010

Rollins Band - Starve

Starve by Rollins Band  
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When this track arrived at the radio station on a three-song teaser disc for "Come In And Burn," the first album Rollins Band recorded for Dreamworks, I had been listening to the band for a few years. I had already read one or two of Rollins' books, and was fast on my way to becoming a devotee.

But more than the self-loathing and expelling of emotion that characterized a good part of the band's work up to this point, "Starve" seemed different. It's like Hank went from being the scared wolf to the scary one who just got out of jail and has a world to fuck the fuck up.

"Come In And Burn" didn't do much for growing the Rollins Band's audience, and MTV ignored it aside from playing the video a few times on 120 Minutes, but this song remains hugely strong. Built on a rolling groove that grows stronger and more menacing, it's like a harder-core "Thunderstruck." 

For the record, it is especially effective on a Monday or any other day that you're trying to claw your way back to bed.

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