Monday, May 3, 2010

These United States - I Want You To Keep Everything

I Want You To Keep Everything by These United States  
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This would have been my post last week, had my computer not crashed and I been able to put the lastest album from These United States on my iPod and listen to it for any part of my drive to and from Orlando. 

Instead, I finally listened to it when I got back, exhausted from a weekend of chasing children around Disney World. For my exhaustion, and even when I'm well rested, this is a goooooooood album.

The combination of influence from Tom Petty and The Cars - yes, they can coexist - makes this a very comfortable feeling album. A friend of mine also suggested a big Springsteen influence. It took a while for that one to sink in but I think I've got it now.

What the album really reminds me of is the debut from Monsters of Folk last year. That was a solid record that brought together a kind of electric folksiness, a mid-point of fragile and not, that felt right on that album. This is more of that.

The thing I dig about "I Want You To Keep Everything" is that those influences, Petty and The Cars, are so apparent to me but the song doesn't really sound like either one. It's the familiarity that ropes you in. And with this as the first track on the album, it sets a good pace that gets you a little excited for the next song, and the others after it.

Now, about that computer...

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