Friday, October 15, 2010

"Hurley" sucks, and that rarities album on the way is worthless. This is Weezer, and they'll never be this good again.

I just had a moment when I listened to "Tragic Girl." From the pacing of the song, to the background vocals, to the lack of irony in Rivers Cuomo's voice - this is what makes the Blue album and Pinkerton perfect albums. 

Back before he was trying to write hit songs, Cuomo wrote songs that meant something to him. Instead of being Katy Perry bouncing to "California Girls," he was, you know, an actual songwriter. 

In an interview about the Pinkerton deluxe reissue (due out on election day, November 2), the nerdy douche called this "You Know You're Right" for Weezer fans. This song pulls back some of the embarrassment I feel when I say I was ever a fan. Boom.

</object>  <span>Weezer - "Tragic Girl" by Some Kind of Awesome</span>  

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