Monday, March 29, 2010

Brainiac - I Am A Cracked Machine

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I was attracted to Brainiac because of their album covers. From the first time I saw the covers for Hissing Prigs in Static Couture and Electro-Shock for President, something said, "You need me."

Brainiac was a rock and roll band, experimenting with the aural gusto of The Residents, Primus and Sonic Youth, but all turned sideways. Often, it adds up to a noisy punkish sound that simplified everything that went into it. (This was true until Electro-Shock, which veered off into stellar electronic experimentation.)

The band ceased to exist in 1997 when vocalist Tim Taylor died in a car accident, which especially sucks because this is one band that could have been interesting to watch in the last decade. Not that guitarist John Schmersal's band Enon hasn't satisfied, but they're not exactly Brainiac.

Anyway, I know only a handful of people who've actually heard the band, but I'm sure they'd agree that the sound is timeless. As would every band who sounds like them then and now.

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