Monday, March 1, 2010

RVIVR - Derailer

Derailer by Rvivr  
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A teen anthem, screaming out for the city to let the punks do their thing because they just want to, like, be. "Derailer" is one side of RVIVR's second 7" and hopefully will lead to something more. I mean, half this band is Long Island, NY's Latterman, which was a decent band in it's day and put out four decent full length albums. I don't think I'm asking for too much here.

I thought at first that this was about the Republican Party's entertaining and frightening purging of their own. Then I figured it was an obnoxious teen hate anthem. Much like the first theory, all I heard was "Get out Get out" in the chorus. Then I focused on two lines: "The city tries to take it away" - which led to my actually paying attention and figuring out what the song is about - and the line that I think is really good but doesn't belong here: "You've got to scream when nobody's listening." It's just a good line and statement on life.

Nobody is listening to RVIVR but this is the kind of band I used to go see at small places in Gainesville, drink PBRs in the back and nod my head to because I'm a lazy, conceited, writerly puss who doesn't do the pit. The world could use more bands like this. I'll be satisfied if this band can write 11 more songs that are this good and release them somewhere.

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*Bonus subtext: I'm glad I wrote this last night because the subject matter and rocking song is a nice way to kick off another week of community news coverage! I hope it's not wrong to reference the day job in terms of rock and roll here...

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