Friday, March 12, 2010

Pretty Lights - Total Fascination

Total Fascination by Pretty Lights  
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It's not my Stupid Mop day, but I couldn't hold this back until Monday. Pretty Lights latest EP, Making Up A Changing Mind, may have blown the dust off my love of techno in the last 12 hours.

Crashing through the roof like the bastard child of early Prefuse 73 and wreckless big beat abandon of Lunatic Calm and Monkey Mafia, Pretty Lights is poised to stomp a mudhole up your back. From the Timbaland-meets-Isaac Hayes stutter-stepping soul of "Still Rockin'" to straight pounding hip hop of "I Can See It In Your Face" to the acid-tinged bounce of "Easy Way Out," Making Up A Changing Mind does not stop. 

This is slash and burn, blow your headphones, is-this-DJ-for-real-? kind of stuff. It's almost like somebody was paying attention to the promise of the late 90s. You're going to recognize some big-name samples on here too which only makes the bouncing beats that much more effective.

The brains behind Pretty Lights, Derek Vincent Smith, is offering up the EP for free (just as each of his previous albums has been) at his website as the intended first of a three EP series to be released this year. 

Go grab it now - this thing might change your plans for the weekend.

Pretty Lights official website (Making Up A Changing Mind is on the downloads page)
Bio at Wikipedia, which I'm guessing was written by Smith himself. Just a shot in the dark there.

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