Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The new song My Chemical Romance sounds like an insane Broadway show. Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more...

So we've now moved beyond Green Day's effect on popular music as the basis for all pop-punk bands to the Broadway show based on American Idiot as a basis for the new albums by already successful pop-punk bands.

I'm a Green Day fan. I appreciate why they signed to a major label - I was 12 at the time so they were a major doorway to punk. I appreciate that they've grown older and are writing about a broader range of stuff, at least because I've also grown older and understand where they're coming from on a lot of this stuff. Even if the Broadway show thing seems a little weird.

I just never expected MCR to go all Rocky Horror on us. Maybe I never paid enough attention to the band to have seen it coming. I guess this could have been a clue. But again, I really haven't been paying attention to them.

Regardless, the song is good. You've got to wonder if the entire album will sound as in your face as this does. Which could be interesting. 

</object>  <span>MCR Na na na by attentiondrain</span> 

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