Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Music: Orbital - "Never"

Never by Orbital Listen on Posterous

Almost two years ago to the day, I posted a live version of Orbital’s “Halcyon,” which has one of the greatest pay-offs in live electronic music EVER. Today comes the announcement that the Hartnoll brothers, Paul and Phil, are back together and have a new album on the horizon.

“Never” is the first single from Wonky, due out in April, the duo’s first new album in eight years. That alone is exciting news. Even if the track feels a bit run of the mill.

I can vaguely remember seeing a video for the track pop up early fall last year but there wasn’t an announcement or news, just the track. The tapping beat and revolving melodies are what Orbital does best and, as the video suggests, sounds like a very late night drive home from a very late night.

Nothing monumental from Orbital, other than the standard, high level of quality the Hartnolls have always maintained. But we’ve only heard one track, so there’s no telling what else they’ve pumped out of those brilliant bald heads.

Orbital’s official website.
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