Monday, January 16, 2012

Weezer - 'Say It Ain't So' (Live on Letterman circa 1995)

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The reason there are so many people in their mid-20s to mid-30s who hate Weezer isn't because the band sucks, because they don't. The reason is because they were so good, putting out the blatantly perfect Blue Album and Pinkerton and never recovering - either from Rivers Cuomo's crushing depression that the latter didn't arrive with the same massive gigantic splash as the former, or because Matt Sharp just got sick of Cuomo's bull shit.

This, to be honest, is an argument I've made before, and will make until the end of time. Even now, there is no song on either album that fails to wake me up and lock me into whatever speaker it pours out of. Each of the 20 songs on the official, original releases of the album, and most of the b-sides from the era, are great songs with no explanation needed. The crunching, fuzzed guitar sound. Half-emo cynicism in the lyrics. For three glorious years, Weezer was a band apart.

"Say It Ain't So" was one of those early hits, and one of ten tracks on the Blue Album, that converted pretty much everybody to a fan. The hate is all about knowing that Weezer will never write songs as good as they did on those two albums. Well, unless Matt Sharp rejoins the band and shocks the world.............

Weezer put out deluxe editions of the Blue Album and Pinkerton in 2010.

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