Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are sharp corners really newsworthy?

Tech Crunch does a lot of good reporting and asks a lot of worthwhile questions. Look, the question on whether to follow someone or not on Twitter is valid - and using the golden ratio rule is not just valid but probably automatic, even for people who don't realize it.

Since joining Google as the driving force of American society a couple years ago, every single thing Facebook does has made for water-cooler eligible talking points. Various versions of the newsfeed, offering more highlights of friends posts, acquisitions that may or may not eventually steer Facebook toward whatever it is destined to become - this is all valid. I follow it. On several blogs.

But Tech Crunch may have jumped the shark yesterday. Well, if they didn't jump it, they certainly hit the thing.

I knew something was different about Facebook yesterday, but not enough to bother me. Just a slight difference that I was sure one of the FB blogs would mention in four lines. Tech Crunch dedicated a good size post to the elimination of rounded corners as a design feature. Rounded corners. An entire post.

Great reporting guys. You got quotes and background on the design, yes. But there's got to be something more important, or even just more interesting, to report. I hope that was the one that hit your quota for the day.

(Then again, I not only noticed the difference but read this post and the comments, and then wrote about the post on my own blog. That probably says something too.)

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