Monday, August 31, 2009

New for Tuesday.

Trying something new here. While I may turn this into a regular podcast of some sort, let's now just kick it off with a bunch of songs. A zip file. A playlist, if you will.

This is a quick jaunt of nine tracks. Maybe they'll ease you into the day, maybe they won't. I promise you'll be awake by the end. Here's a rundown of the contents:

Feller Abides v1

"Summer Circuit" (via The Hood Internet)

It's DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Daft Punk. Together. Damn I love The Hood Internet. Always good, and this is a redone classic. I feel like it closes the summer on an upbeat before we ease into the good part of the year.

Jemina Pearl "I Hate People (featuring Iggy Pop)"

Former lead singer for Be Your Own Pet - the great hope for punk rock Sonic Youth solidly got behind - hits another winner. BYOP was bound to implode because they were too good, too young and signed to a label that just didn't get it anyway. Iggy offers solid backing vocals on a heartfelt little ditty.

Daniel Johnston "Freedom"

The first single off Johnston's new album Is And Always Was has the indie-pop hero going electric. Maybe you remember him from the Kids soundtrack. He's way, way better than that. This may be my favorite song on this, uh, playlist.

No Age "You're A Target"

No Age just keeps getting better. I don't remember anything on their first album being this fast, snotty or catchy. The wall of feedback and noise the band works with makes this just the sort of thing people don't want to hear. Love it!

The Slew "Robbin' Banks (Doin Time)"

It took me a few listens to warm up to the new Kid Koala project. This guy takes forever to put stuff out. On here, he's doing more arranging than scratching.

Gun Outfit "Troubles Like Mine"

I hear Slint and Sonic Youth when I listen to this. And I listen to it more than one time when I do.

Pearl Jam "Supersonic"

Second single from the only grunge band that made it. I hate that word, grunge never existed and PJ is like a classic rock band. Eddie Vedder is singing about how much he needs his rock and roll. It's "Spin The Black Circle," but with a knowing satisfaction instead of an angsty rebellion.

Strung Out "Black Crosses"

Strung Out is like many of the SoCal punk bands to come out of the mid-90s - fast, melodic and consistent. Thankfully they've backed off from trying to be a metal band and are just influenced by it again.

Converge "Dark Horse"

If you didn't believe me that you'd be awake by the end of the list, this punishing new single from one of the best hardcore bands out there better prove it. Drums and solos, people. Drums and solos.

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