Thursday, October 22, 2009

Atari Teenage Riot - Paranoid (7" Remix)

Paranoid (7" Remix) by Atari Teenage Riot  
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This week RCRD LBL posted a new track from Alec Empire called "1000 Eyes," and compared it to Lou Reed, among other things. I can sort of see it, what with the pseudo-poetic delivery. I'm a lot more afraid of Empire than Reed - for different reasons than I used to be though.

This, remember, is the guy sliced his arms open on stage and left a trail of blood as he walked passed roadies and other people offstage who claimed they could hear the meat of his arm sloshing. Left a trail of blood, as his arm meat sloshed loud enough for people to hear. That, friends, is hardcore.

While I don't think he's softened, the abrasive noise that so marked most of Empire's career from his own solo work, to Atari Teenage Riot, to just about everything he signed to Digital Hardcore Recordings left far deeper cleat holes in your face.

Not that he can't still get his noise on, but the new stuff is a little more nuanced. He's more menacing this way. I remember when he got together with friends and tried to make us go deaf though. Yeah, those were the days. 

(More on Alec Empire)

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