Monday, October 5, 2009

Rob Zombie chewing on some new songs.

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Sick Bubblegum.mp3 (3440 KB)

I hear "Living Dead Girl" on the radio at least once a day. The new Rob Zombie song - "Sick Bubblegum" - is way, way better, even if the whole bubblegum thing is completely stupid. This being the lead single from "Hellbilly Deluxe II," I hope it bodes well for the album.

The chorus to the song is "rot mother f*cker/rot mother f*cker/rot mother f*cker/ yeah." John 5's guitars sound like they are screaming from the depths of hell. Zombie sounds mean on here for the first time in, what, a decade? It's relatively vapid, but everything about this song is a step up.

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