Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kid Koala - Scratch Happy Land (Side A)

Scratch Happy Land (Part 1) by Kid Koala  
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Tuesday night marked the annual airing of "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." While it may not have been the first time it was used, I am confident that Kid Koala's sampling of the holiday special on his world-shaking debut Scratchcratchratchatch is the best.

Released in 1996 as a very limited edition "promo" tape because of the impossibility of clearing any of the samples, Scratchcratchratchatch established Kid Koala as at the forefront of the turntablism movement in the mid-90s. The idea was to use the turntable as a musical instrument, scratching just about sound to create a beat, bassline or melody. 

Koala's Scratchcratchratchatch was mixed down to a shorter 10" release, Scratch Happy Land, side A of which you find here. Basically, it's the first four tracks of the album as one seven-minute mix. 

About four and a half minutes in, we get to the the last track of Side A of Scratchcratchratchatch, "Trick or Treat." The Peanuts kids are reviewing their Halloween hauls, and we all know what Charlie Brown gets. Kid Koala takes his misery to brilliantly new levels in the midst of blowing our vinyl-loving minds.

"I-I-I-I ga-got ta Ra-ra-rock." I piss my pants all over just thinking about it.

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