Monday, October 12, 2009

Move over rover, let Lupe take over.

Since I have relatively little say over what I listen to in the car (if you've been following you know the CD player doesn't work), everything I listen to is being run through a constant filter of commercial rock and pop radio - the results of which are starting to worry me a little.

There are only three or four tracks from Jimi Hendrix that get actual, repeated airplay: "Hey Joe," "Purple Haze," "Foxey Lady," and, the reason for this post, "Fire."

I have no complaints about any of those songs, especially "Fire." It's a simple call-out to the hot chick, with a solo that is just long enough to convince that Hendrix could kill you without ever touching you, and Mitch Mitchell pounding out the fast and funky. 

Hearing "Fire" once or twice a day on the radio, it doesn't get old - it gets better. (And the BBC version linked below gives the gift of not one, but two big solos. Man, it sounds like Jimi enjoyed this day in the studio.)

Lupe Fiasco must've had the same idea. I'd like to believe he can afford to rig his car radio in some way to avoid the scourge of centralized DJ programming, but if you catch "Fire" between starting the car and starting the iPod, you've got to stop and hear the rest.

I don't know who DJ Marbil is, but his production with Fiasco on this version of "Fire" is a faithful recut that uses the entire chorus and a lot of the melody to great effect. With Fiasco exalting his skills over it, I could listen to nothing but Hendrix and Fiasco, ones records playing over the other, all day.

When Fiasco says his "mind was a sponge, but now it's shamwow/I'll never throw in the towel, so just wipe me down," he makes me feel guilty for not having his discography readily available on mp3. I will by the end of the day. I give him that much credit and more for using such a garbage product in a good rhyme and a solid track.

Lupe Fiasco on MySpace

Fire by Lupe Fiasco  
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01 Fire.mp3 (4502 KB)

Fire by The Jimi Hendrix Experience  
Download now or listen on posterous
1-08 Fire.mp3 (3164 KB)

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