Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beck, Jeff Tweedy & Feist take on a Skip Spence track. Sounds to me like they won too.

Beck has been doing the Record Club project since last summer, jamming out with friends on full album covers of the Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen. This is a Skip Spence track called "Lawrence of Euphoria." 

<p>Record Club: Skip Spence "Lawrence of Euphoria" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.</p>

At some point, Mr. Hansen is going to do another record of his own. You've got to wonder if this is not akin to a writer rewriting his favorite novels as forced inspiration for new, original work. Or maybe he's just having a good time and putting off the inevitable creation of his own work. Either way, this shit rules.

Check out covers of the rest of the Skip Spence album Oar - and the other cover projects - at

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