Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Butter 08 - 9mm

9Mm by Butter 08  
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If I was just going for an easy bit of 90s nostalgia, the pick from Butter 08 would have been the track "Butter of '69," which made it onto 120 Minutes pretty regularly in the heady times of 1996.

Frankly, that was a good time for music. The fact is that the Alternative Nation was flowing strong and side projects such as Butter 08 - basically Cibo Matto and the drummer from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - were abound with greatness.

To boot, the Butter released their only album on the Beastie Boys label Grand Royal, which was probably the only place that such a perfect melding of funk, rock and comfy groove could have come out. There's as much smooth groove on the album as there is post-hardcore noise-rock. 

Aside from the serious musicianship and creative artistry present here, there's an element of brilliance that isn't often found nowadays. Halfway through the tightly wound Cuban-tribal pounding of "Dick Serious" - a song whose only lyrics are that name - one of the Cibo Matto girls utters the most telling statement of the album: "He said dick." That's my kind of album.

So why do I choose "9mm" instead of the pseudo-hit single? That's easy. I like listening to those girls scream. When the chorus crashes and they start screaming about having more than 9 millimeters it makes me want to stand up and create something for the entertainment of my downtown musician friends to enjoy, whether or not anybody else gets it.

Every once in a while, I wish it were still the 90s. Yeah, I said it. I think I'm gonna go dig out my Blues Explosion records now.

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