Friday, February 26, 2010

The Soft Pack - C'mon

C'mon by The Soft Pack  
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I liked The Soft Pack better when they were called The Muslims. It had a better rock and roll ring to it.

Despite the fact that it's not offensive, the band's original name makes people think it might be. Which is dangerous and awesome. Of course, when you get to their lyrics, you find out that they're practically motivational speakers.

"C'mon" is the first track on The Soft Pack's self-titled debut full legnth, and first anything with the new moniker. Like first single "Answer To Yourself," this dancey  rock is of the variety that makes boys move and girls throw off their panties and scream in a good way.

So go ahead: nod your head, tap the gas down farther, give the wife that hard, hot stare... whatever. The Soft Pack, like The Muslims before them, are cool as long as you just make it happen.

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