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Company Flow - Patriotism

Patriotism (Street) by Company Flow  
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I was going to write up a whole examination of this song but instead I'll just post it as a eulogy to Def Jux Recordings, Company Flow member El-P's apparently now-defunct label

Despite the fact that this track wasn't released anywhere near the existence of the label, it's probably a better way to ease into this world. If, of course, it's possible to ease into it at all. (Yeah, I'll have to post something later that actually came out on Def Jux. But, you know... whatever.)

Company Flow was one of the groups that came out of 90s hip hop that helped push forward the underground - even if they flamed out after one brilliant record. They were smart and sounded like nothing else. Or, nothing else on MTV at least.

That one record notwithstanding, "Patriotism," was Company Flow's contribution to the front-to-back mindblowing Soundbombing 2, put out in 1999 by Rawkus and mixed by J-Rocc and Babu of the Beat Junkies. The mix included early efforts from Eminem, Pharoah Monch, Mos Def and more, with this being one of the true standouts.

Packed with vitriol and sarcasm that reflects the lying-to-your-face state of America both then and now, you'd be well-advised to read the lyrics while listening to the song. Actually knowing all the words adds a level of studiousness to an otherwise lyrically bare-knuckled shot to the face, perfected in lock-step with El-P's production. You might want to back up a step or two before pressing play.

Lyrics to "Patriotism"

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