Friday, December 31, 2010

Mixtapes - Nothing Can Kill The Grimace

Nothing Can Kill The Grimace by Mixtapes  
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Mixtapes are a four-piece pop-punk band from Ohio. I have no idea how I found them, but they are the poppiest anything I've held a weeks-long obsession with in years and not felt guilty about on any level.

The bands debut album, Maps, opens and closes with an acoustic track, so you're pretty much immediately thrown into the alternating male-female vocals don't always work out but make Mixtapes because it works, mostly because Maura Weaver's voice is suited to both an acoustic guitar and doot-kat-doot-doot-kat style punk rock.

"Nothing Can Kill The Grimace," the song that instantly convinced me how much I was about to listen to Maps, mostly covers not wanting to go out and get wasted for no good reason. Not that there's anything wrong with getting wasted, but tied to that is a desire to sit home and write. Personally, the two should be combined for ultimate effectiveness. That's me though.

Barely a year old, the band has put out Maps and a few 7-inch's. They also just signed to Warner Brothers. If it was any other major, I'd  be worried but Warner tends to let bands flesh out a bit before actually expecting anything. Man do I hope they don't screw these guys up cause this band actually has potential. They're even smart enough to keep their shots at Green Day good-natured instead of getting all bitter about it. Love it.

Buy Mixtapes debut album Maps at Shockhound.

PS My lesson of the day is that both me and Mixtapes mostly qualify as orgcore

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