Sunday, December 12, 2010

P.O.S. - Get Smokes

Get Smokes by P. O. S.   
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P.O.S. is from Minneapolis, and is on Rhymesayers, so my first thought was Atmosphere. I'm not comparing. Just saying that I had a standard before I heard a lick.

"Get Smokes," like several other tracks on the 2009 album Never Better, blew my mind. P.O.S. can rhyme. Fast. But combining his lyrical skills with production that is beyond just good sampling was the real surprise. Who expects not just a Fugazi reference, but a sample, on a hip hop album? 

P.O.S. sounds like the best of Def Jux if it was produced by team of one X-ecutioner and one of the guys from Coldcut. What kills me is that there are beats on here comprised of drill'n'bass-style rolling drums, simple click tracks, Kung Fu-soundtrack style jazz and straight up turntablism - that's just bad descriptions off the top of my head - and P.O.S. rips shit up on every single one of them.

P.O.S.? Not so much.

Download Never Better by P.O.S. at Shockhound.

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