Friday, December 10, 2010

OFF! - Poison City

Poison City by Off  
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Keith Morris is 55 years old and he has a new band called OFF!. He doesn't sound or act or look like he's 55 years old. Well, he looks a little old, but he can still scream like he's 20. And he's as fired up as he was when he started Black Flag with Greg Ginn or formed the Circle Jerks with eventual Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson. It's inspiring.

The rest of the band - Dimitri Coats from Burning Brides, Steven McDonald of Redd Kross and Mario Rubalcaba of Rocket From The Crypt - have been in genre-busting influential bands too, and compliment Morris's scraggly scream with hardcore. Not metal, I'm talking about early 80s-style hardcore punk. Beautiful, beautiful hardcore punk.

OFF!'s debut album, The First Four EPs, will be released on vinyl as a 7-inch collection on December 14, with cover art done by the legendary Raymond Pettibon, who is best known for doing Black Flag and Sonic Youth album covers. Oh, and the album has 16 tracks that fly by in 18 minutes. These old guys are still on top of it.

This is an all-star team gaming the world. OFF! is what everybody hopes to be when they hit their fifth decade of life - full of middle fingers and settling for nothing. Bow and worship.


Download OFF!'s The First Four EPs at Shockhound.

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