Thursday, December 9, 2010

Off With Their Heads - The Eyes of Death

The Eyes Of Death by Off With Their Heads  
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Until last week, there were only two albums I was sure would be on my year-end top 11 (which I'll actually be doing this year): Surfer Blood and The Arcade Fire. As of right now, Off With Their Heads' debut for Epitaph Records, In Desolation, is definitely on the list.

Sounding like the punk love child of The Ergs and Fucked Up, Off With Their Heads tear through 12 roaring tracks of early 00's Gainesville-style punk rock. For the uninitiated, that's bands like Hot Water Music, As Friends Rust and even the first few Against Me! releases, among others.

Since getting together in 2002, the band has released a string of 7-inch's and two full lengths on No Idea. I'm just starting to dig through their back catalog but I've got high hopes after listening to In Desolation nearly nonstop for the last seven days. I already have no doubt, though, that Off With Their Heads is the best band Epitaph has signed in years. Here's to hoping they headline Warped Tour next year and get huge cause I can't take any more of these metal-bands-that-wish-they-were-emo. Yeah, I don't get it either.

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