Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ergs! - Hysterical Fiction

Hysterical Fiction by The Ergs!  
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I'll never understand why bands break up. If your band is getting huge like, say, The Ergs, why would you want to leave? Isn't that the idea - for lots of people to fucking worship your music?

The Ergs were a three-piece pop-punk band from New Jersey. I place their sound somewhere between Hagfish and Green Day but often faster, and the songs are almost always about girls and relationships. Is that an awful and boiled down description? You bet.

Drummer Mikey Erg's scraggly voice worked equally well on the fast punk tunes as it did on sad country songs like "Stinking of Whiskey Blues." That and the loud bass-playing of Joey Erg (which reminds me of Mike Dirnt every few songs), and well-written, melodic songs, are what made Dorkrockcorkrod and Upstairs/Downstairs thoroughly digestible over and over and over again.

"Hysterical Fiction," which thunders in halfway through the second half of Upstairs/Downstairs, brings in all these elements nicely. It wouldn't be out of place on the first Unwritten Law album either, but I like it better here because, strangely, it flows nicely into the aforementioned "country" song.

Apparently, Upstairs/Downstairs isn't available anywhere online (unless you want it on CD or vinyl), so just go grab Dorkrockcorkrod from Shockhound to start with.

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