Monday, February 7, 2011

The Get Up Kids - Rally Round The Fool

Rally 'round The Fool by The Get Up Kids  
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The Get Up Kids used to sound softer. Nothing against any of what they did in the 90s, but There Are Rules, their first album in seven years, has caught my attention and now I'm reexamining their discography because there has to be some clue that they could be this interesting. I think I'm about to be obsessed with this band.

Half of There Are Rules sounds like a great effort from The Faint and the other half sounds like a great post-punk album, and together it works out really smoothly. From the jamming first track, "Tithe," to the jamming last track, "Rememorable," this is an album that moves, man.

It's got ups and downs, and what stood out, through all the other enjoyment, was the electronic inspection of somebody else's efforts and intent on "Rally 'Round The Fool." As much as the album strikes a new chord for the band, this track is really a new direction. Posting one of the pounding electro-tracks seemed obvious, and this one is not.

After all the disinterest, it's a complete deviation from their past that has me very interested in The Get Up Kids.

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