Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Parts & Labor - Constant Future

Constant Future by Parts & Labor  
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Brooklyn's noise rock scene has birthed a lot of bands in the last decade such as TV On The Radio, Battles and Pterodactyl that can make a lot of beautiful noise, but the racket that comes from Parts and Labor is more rock and roll than anything else. 

They're the band that is rooted in both noise and rock - though they experiment, they're not trying to challenge the listener so much as pummel their ear drums. But like TVOTR, they've got an anthemic quality to them at the same time, minus the motown melodies, of course.

2008's Receivers was their first album without drummer Christopher Weingarten. On that album, it almost sounded like the band, at that point a quartet, was looking for a straight-ahead, stripped back just noise-y 4/4 rock. While that sounded like the band, something felt off. Thankfully, "Constant Future," the first single from the new album of the same name sounds like P&L is back.

Sounding like a galloping horse, lead singer Dan Friel sings of "no more constant future," which is a little bit different than the constant digging of gold he sang up a few years ago. If this is the band looking back, or just slowing down, then either P&L is on their last hurrah or just about to take off. Regardless, this is one of those highly anticipated albums of 2011 and "Constant Future" just raised my expectations thoroughly.

The new Parts & Labor album, Constant Future, is out March 8 on Jagjaguwar, one of the best labels that nobody ever talks about because people suck. In the meantime, buy music by Parts & Labor from Shockhound. (Check out everything, but go for Mapmaker first. That's the gold right there.)

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