Friday, February 25, 2011

Hit The Switch - The Everfading Afterglow

The Everfading Afterglow by Hit The Switch  
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Until I started reading some comments on stuff about these guys, I never drew the obvious line to The Offspring. Not just because their viciously speeding 2006 album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice was on Nitro Records, which is owned by Dexter and Greg, but something about the band reminds me of the early Offspring stuff, you know, before they stopped giving a shit.

That said, you can hear some early NOFX and the faster Sum 41 stuff. Hell, bring up Strung Out, Diesel Boy, or whatever other mid-90s Fat Wreck stuff you want - this would fit in perfectly, but doesn't sound dated or ripped off.

Hit The Switch has all the ingredients to be a huge Warped Tour-pushed skate punk band. Yet even with my interest, and demos that I've had on my cell phone for two years from their second album, Observing Infinities snuck under my radar because the band basically self-released it. There is an explanation, but come on, I bet Fat Mike loves these guys. Sign to Fat Wreck - it's an album at a time and nobody ever gets fucked over. At least, if it happens, nobody talks about it.

Most of the first album was vague political messaging begging listeners to question, you know, everything, while pounding the shit out melodic-skate-punk-style. The second album is just as political, although I take this track as something personal, but that's me. There are solos on Observing Infinity, but the time shifts and stop-start on a dime skate-punk remains. 

These guys should be huge. Somebody send an mp3 to Kevin Lyman. Please.

Buy Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice from Shockhound or Observing Infinities from Interpunk.

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