Monday, August 2, 2010

Every once in a while I read something that reminds why I decided to chase writing (as in, journalism) as a career.

It's possible that the only people who get this will be the ones who have taken a shot at my line of work...

I have not, at any point, attempted a freelance career. Nonetheless, I see a little bit of myself in that piece. And I'm sure most of the people I had class with in college or have worked with anywhere see themselves there too.

No single person has ever told me that this was a good career choice. Even the people who do it, and obviously live for it, won't say it directly. Rather, they describe just how much they worship the job, the lore, the difficulty and the rewards that require a certain type of respectable dorkiness to enjoy.  

(via @1000TimesYes, who is one of the people I refer to above.)

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