Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Queens of the Stone Age - Born To Hula

Born To Hula by Queens Of The Stone Age  
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If Dave Grohl were playing drums on "Born to Hula," the world would have been freaking out about it. But since "Ode to Clarissa" has a better hook, "Born to Hula" gets left in the dust when it finally sees the light of day - despite the fact that it would have been one of the notable tracks on Songs for the Deaf.

Instead of playing front on center toward the middle of that Queens of the Stone Age masterpiece, it's one of five previously unreleased studio tracks included on the "deluxe edition" of QOTSA's other masterpiece, the album that got the world's attention (after Kyuss), Rated R.

Perfect groove-based stoner rock with lyrics about getting laid, kicking ass, doing drugs or generally being cool while doing any one or combination of those three things - you've heard what it's about. The fact is, "Born to Hula" has all those things. It's the pounding in the background that is totally unexpected, and if Grohl had been the one holding the sticks, it would have been expected and minds would have been blown.

The rest of the bonus disc that comes with the Rated R reissue is a live set that spans the first three QOTSA albums and absolutely kicks. Unless you've never heard this album, you won't be surprised. If you are surprised, please, do us both a favor and fix that.

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