Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teenage Fanclub - Like a Virgin

Like A Virgin (Madonna) by Teenage Fanclub  
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Teenage Fanclub - Like A Virgin (Madonna).mp3 (6227 KB)

I had a pretty damn good birthday on Friday, even with all the work. I think this song made my day on the drive home, though. But this was so unexpected I was a little surprised how excited I got when I realized what it was.

Teenage Fanclub grinds and writhes their way through it so well it made me want to suggestively roll around on the concrete in the middle of I-595 in a tight white wedding dress, with my pantie-less privates sending cars careening off the side of the highway in a mix of awe and disgust.

All random credit goes to Madonna and Teenage Fanclub for the reaction to a long forgotten cover.  

Anyway, I give it to you on the day of the lord. Enjoy.

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