Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Fox - Jonny Lipshake

Jonny Lipshake by Baby Fox  
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I had a request this week for a few dub selections. I haven't had a chance to put together a playlist, but I nearly jumped out of my chair at work (in appropriate slow motion) when this track from the first Baby Fox album, A Normal Family, popped on the mp3Tunes shuffle.

This isn't one of the tracks that blended well with trip-hop in the mid-90s, like my first exposure to Baby Fox, "Alienway," with its pitch-perfect, moving vocals. This is smoked out dub. This is the contact high. The one you put on at three in the morning and nod your head to until you can't hold it up any more. The fan favorite, of course, is their version of the Lee "Scratch" Perry track "Curlylocks." But I didn't go with that one because it's already the fan favorite, so why bother?

More importantly, this is the track you dig after you, either, already dig dub music in general, or have already listen to the record so many times that it's part of the trip you're looking for. And you'll know pretty quickly if it works for you cause this is the first track on the album. The riches lie beyond it, but this slice of slit-eyed tapping is the price of entry.

I say that because I've had a lot of people tell me they hate Baby Fox. Those people are wrong. They may be the ones who got the group to bring in a bunch of drum'n'bass for the second album (which was just as good as this one), but they're wrong and don't deserve to listen to be in the presence of this Baby Fox or anything on A Normal Family

Download A Normal Family. (It's out of print, hence the no "buy here" link... So I took care of the research for ya'll. You're welcome.)

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