Friday, January 14, 2011

The Bronx - I Got Chills

I Got Chills by The Bronx  
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What I like the most about The Bronx is that they refuse to name their albums anything but "The Bronx." Each of the albums has been subtly different than the one before it, Mariachi El Bronx notwithstanding, though none has been good as the first. That's less an indictment than it is an opinion.

The first album, released in 2003, rips and shreds. Produced by Guns N Roses second rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke, The Bronx is rough in the way that only a debut album can be: reckless abandon.

They'll never be as good as they were in 2003, but hopefully they'll make another real album after they're done with the mariachi thing.

Buy music from The Bronx at the White Drugs website (that's their label, not just some random schmucks selling mp3s and CDs).

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