Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cake - "Easy To Crash"

Easy To Crash by Cake  
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By the time Showroom of Compassion is released next week, it will have been seven years since Cake released an album with 2004's Pressure Chief. It turns out that is the perfect amount of time for this band to have disappeared.

After hitting the big time with the buzz hit "The Distance" on 1996's Fashion Nugget, these boys from Sacramento churned out three more albums that were each solid. Nothing mind-blowing, no great leaps forward in style or sound - they were solid, enjoyable, toe-tapping, and sarcastic. That's what people wanted, and that's what we got.

Fast forward to, you know, now, and what we want is another album from Cake. Sure, the band sounds a little different. Some extra keyboard here, and little more country in places there, but basically, Showroom of Compassion sounds exactly like what I would expect from a new Cake album.

I noticed "Easy To Crash" on my second tour through the Showroom. It sounds, to me, who has never seen Cake in concert, like a crowd pleaser. Drum fills and yelling, stopping and starting at all the right places. This is Cake at it's groovy best, even if the lyrics don't exactly sound the happiest.

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