Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pink Noise Test - I Can't Stand It

I Can't Stand It by Pink Noise Test  
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Pink Noise Test was an L.A. four-piece that put out a couple of EPs and got signed in the golden era of alterna-experimentation - the mid-90s. The first I heard of them was "I Can't Stand It," a beautifully feedback-drenched, Weezer- and Jesus and Mary Chain-ripping slab of Velvet Underground coverness. They even put out a video for "All The Same To Me," with I'm sure got absolutely no airplay on MTV despite the fact that the label should have bought it onto the Buzz Bin.

It was glorious. And then the band disappeared because they didn't sell any records and Interscope had no time for them. It doesn't mean I don't listen to their one full length, Plasticized, at least once a month. The album, as a whole, is really solid. Now that I think about it, there's no way they could have topped it so it's probably better that they were one and done.

While Plasticized is out of print, here's a nice download of the Electric Train EP, which came out just before the full length.

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