Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boom Chick - When I Don't Love My Rock and Roll

When I Don't Love My Rock N' Roll by Boom Chick  
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Moselle Spiller and Frank Hoier are a garage rock duo. The easy comparison is to The White Stripes, because they're a chick and dude, kicking ass with some bluesy punky rock and roll. Really, you could compare them to just about anybody on Alive Records, a label filled with bands that worship at the feet of blues and 50's era rock and roll.

What's nice about Boom Chick, aside from the great name, is that they've rocking as hard as the afore- and overly-mentioned Stripes, but to me they've got some of the spirit of Death From Above 1979 only they've left the abrasiveness behind. (That abrasiveness was wonderful when DFA1979 was at their best but it would totally be overkill here.)

Magnet Magazine named their debut album, Show Pony, one of the "Hidden Treasures of 2010" and there's simply no way to argue that it was hidden - though there's a good explanation for that. Boom Chick self-released their debut at the end of November, after recording it to actual tape last May. Self-release! Actual tape! Until they uploaded it to the Internet for sale, it was almost 1997 for a second.

Right now, they've got four shows scheduled for 2011, two in New York and two in North Carolina. With any luck for the rest of the country, Boom Chick is about to sign to the right indie label (Sub Pop or Anti- would make A LOT of sense) and spread the love to the rest of the states.

Buy Show Pony from Boom Chick themselves or click over to iTunes. (It costs the same either way.)

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