Friday, July 10, 2009

Downloads, a day late.

24 hours ago I downloaded five albums. I knew before I loaded them onto the iPod there was no way I'd listen to all of them yesterday. And I was right. I'm gathering thoughts, but here's the quick lowdown...

First things first, I didn't even get near new albums from The Horrors or Major Lazer.

The Dead Weather "Horehound" - The bluesiest Jack White has been for an entire album. Alison Mosshart sounds great. The album is a good balance of heavy blues and shit-kicking barnstormers. Will listen to it a lot more, and will have a lot more to say about it.

Clutch "Strange Cousins From The West" - Thought I remembered their sound being heavier, and maybe a little hardcore but this has some blues and some funk in the mix with the heavy and the hardcore. Sounds accessible. And really good.

Marcy Playground "Leaving Wonderland a fit of rage" - I didn't know they had anything beyond the album with "Sex and Candy." Kind of surprised me when the first half of this album was good in a sometimes folky but bitter indie rock kind of way. That last line makes me wonder how much of the lyrics and mood on the album I've misunderstood.

All the band's sites have stuff from the new albums streaming - I'll include a specific track or two when I get full(er) reviews up.

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