Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Facebook on Android. Officially.

The world of Android blogs has been shitting its pants all day amid rumors, or maybe just one, that Facebook is finally going to put out an official app for Android. I cheered this rumor. Out loud. But is it true?

A couple weeks ago Android and Me noticed a logo, as laid out here. The MyTouch 3G has made people take the potential for Android more seriously, which is why a sweet App Pack wasn't available for faithful early adopters such as myself.

This morning TechCrunch posted that pigs would fly and Facebook would call some sort truce in its war with Google. (If you've not heard of this war, check it.)

Gizmodo then took it a step farther with its echo of that story.

And then a few of the Android blogs picked up on the rumor...

The Android Site
Android Community
Google Android Blog
Talk Android
Android Guys
Android Central

The Facebook blog Inside Facebook picked it up, as did InformationWeek. My favorite is that it made the Web site of the Washington Post, though it's kind of disappointing that they don't have the sources to confirm it themselves.

You'll notice they all cite the same source. So, if you believe Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch then it's for real.

(No, it's not lost on me that I'm doing the same thing those other blogs did. At least Planet Android allows me to read the same thing over and over on one aggregated blog instead of having to see it on a bunch of different ones. Not that I didn't do that anyway.)

Inaccurate and sometimes completely wrong reporting seems to be the hallmark of the tech age. Between secretive companies and facts that move faster than reporters confirming and reporting them, it's no shock and makes the constant updates essential.

Consider that everybody is a reporter, and stuff about Apple, Dell, Microsoft, etc is put out there every day. How many times has Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter or any other been bought and then not bought a couple days later.

We won't know for sure until the end of the week. But the fact that there still isn't a denial of this makes me think I'll be adding a third Facebook app to my G1 by the weekend.

You know, unless I don't.

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