Friday, March 18, 2011

I don't usually wade into the Israeli-Palestinian argument, but I can't help myself right now...

If you didn't know, some douchey prick murdered a sleeping Israeli family last week. I'm not sure what kind of political statement this is supposed to make, but it's not effective. This cuts the Palestinian cause off at the balls. Israelis don't do this stuff either, so it's not like it's an in-kind retribution.

Now, I know that Israel has had a hand in pushing the decades-long war the Palestinian leadership over land. It's kind of tough though to make a case murdering sleeping families is the way to push that battle forward. The goal of the groups who use - that's right, they use - the Palestinian cause is to eliminate the existence of Israel. It's about that one decision, in 1948, that created the state of Israel, and endless attempts to reverse it. Um, that's not gonna happen guys, so let's move on.

The other thing is that's bugging me is this Israel Apartheid Week. Well, let me point something out for those who think that Israel is engaging in some kind of apartheid-like practice: Palestinians have more rights in Israel than any other country in the Middle East. Oh, you didn't know that? Yeah, look it up. The only restriction on Palestinians in Israel is to not fucking kill people. Sorry, that's not oppression.

Regardless, it's piss poor that nobody is talking about these gruesome murders, because they should be. If you want a reason to be at least as angry about this I am, take a look at the reality:

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