Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Dons - Enemy Ears

Enemy Ears by Red Dons Listen on Posterous

The Red Dons would have fit in perfectly in, like, 2002, with all the "garage rock" of the times. They're an outlier now, though, which makes it easier to get drawn in to a sound that is really easy to listen to. Scoring like Man or Astroman if they sounded a little more like both The Damned and The Hives, The Red Dons spend their second album burning through ten distinctly punk songs.

Released last July to rapturous review from bloggers and magazines, Fake Meets Failure is a set of catchy, hard-charging songs don't let go. You shouldn't have to think about how much to listen to The Red Dons, I certainly haven't. Hence the simple review: Just set it to repeat. That way you don't have to hit the button again.

Buy Fake Meets Failure on CD from Deranged Records or download it here.

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