Friday, March 25, 2011

Less Than Jake - Magnetic North

Magnetic North by Less Than Jake Listen on Posterous

I like to skank and drive, and with the discography of Less Than Jake taking up something like two-thirds of a gig on my cell phone right now, there's a good chance that I'm going to get some kind of ska-core thundering through the speakers of my unassuming Saturn and out the open windows into the world. Which means I'm gonna get some strange looks at red lights while bouncing around behind the wheel like a fool.

LTJ formed and built their legend in Gainesville, Florida, the sprawling college town that is home to the greatest university on the face of the planet. (Full disclosure: I'm a Gator - Class of 2003. Deal with it.) Studio output notwithstanding, it's the live show that gets people coming back to the band over and over, even if they don't own a single, physical record. Every show is a party, as I'm sure the one I missed last weekend in Fort Lauderdale was, and once you've been to one, you NEED to go back.

"Magnetic North" comes from the band's Fat Wreck Chords debut Borders and Boundaries. In the best way I could possibly put this, it's another hard-charging pop-punk horn-filled effort from the band. There are a lot of songs on B&B about getting out of whatever town you're in or doing some vague something, and this is one of them.

Partially, I'm posting this song because I think it applies to everybody who lives in Florida, myself included, who complains about this ridiculous state. That said, I'm not gonna go too deep on the lyrical content though because, while they cover some stuff, I'm really posting this because I think the world could use a good skank to blow off steam. Watch the news for a second and you'll know why. For the record, I mean the dance, not the woman. Though I can think of a few people that could use that kind of skank too. Again, watch the news, you'll see a few of the people I refer to. Awesome.

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