Saturday, March 26, 2011

Screeching Weasel - What We Hate

What We Hate by Screeching Weasel Listen on Posterous

Ben Weasel's whole gig has been hating on everything. Last weekend at South by Southwest, he took it to a new level by punching two girls in the face after getting heckled, and the second one he hit more than once. As a result, his band has quit and pretty much nobody is accepting the apology. Look, that bitch who threw ice at him and then spit beer deserved to be escorted out, but Weasel should be able to be a professional.

I've loved Screeching Weasel (and the Riverdales, and the solo stuff) since the first time I heard Boogada Boogada Boogada sometime in 8th grade. It's still one of my favorite records, and that and both My Brain Hurts and How To Make Enemies And Irritate People have never been off any iPod I owned because I crave them. I listen to their records all the time. I even follow Weasel on Twitter, despite the fact that he comes off like a douche bag most of the time - which has always been his deal. I don't agree with a lot of what he thinks, especially when it comes to politics and usually when it comes to music, but his music has always been pretty good. New Times summed up just what he's known for pretty well. Check it.

There's a good chance I'll keep listening to those old records. There's also a good chance I'll talk a bunch of shit about Weasel while listening to them. What an asshole.

Don't buy anything from Screeching Weasel. Steal it if you can find, but don't give that dickhead a penny.

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