Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obits - I Want Results

I Want Results by Obits Listen on Posterous

The first album from Obits, a band that includes members of Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes, two longtime rock favorites of pretty much everybody who's watching the great indie rock underground, met high expectations because of the teaser 7-inch, "I Blame You"/"Get It In Writing." No shock, but it delivered. Hard.

So with the mix of surf and garage rock set for a sequel, Obits decided to deliver again, this time harder, with Moody, Standard And Poor

This is the album you'll want to be dancing to. There's just no way around it. I mean, sure, the lyrics are a little bitter, what with the regrets and the giving up on dreams and begging for a break but hot damn are these some bad ass rock and roll songs from some bad ass rock and roll men.

"No Fly List," "Killer", and "You Gotta Lose" stand out for their shimmying in your face on an album full of such tracks. Even when Obits goes instrumental "I Blame Myself" or nearly instrumental on "Spot The Pikey" (which, for my money, is a surf-y "Bankshot"), Moody, Standard and Poor is the right album for the end of a long week.

Yes, it's still Thursday. Which means you've got time to make this the Friday soundtrack. See that, I've got your back. Or at least your ears.

Buy Moody, Standard and Poor on mp3, CD or the all glorious vinyl from Sub Pop Records.

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