Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Air makes Love 2 your ears again.

Everything in France is about atmosphere, except for Daft Punk and a select few others who also want you to dance, in good atmosphere.

Air has always been looking to set the atmosphere for different parts of life - mostly ones involving love. Until now when, despite the name of this album, it sounds like many, diverse settings for love - from surfing, to the old west, to, yes, your bedsheets still soaked from last night's lovemaking. Naturally, the 80's are also among them, a decade which I'm pretty sure never ended in France. All that said, they're moving a little harder and faster this time out. Oooh, is it good, too.

This duo keeps the quality up with another essential album. Here's two pieces of proof.

So Light Is Her Footfall by Air  
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03 So Light Is Her Footfall.mp3 (4604 KB)

Eat My Beat by Air  
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10 Eat My Beat.mp3 (3899 KB)

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